I am a Web Developer with 12+ years of experience in PHP and Magento (Magento 1 Community Edition/Enterprise Edition, Magento 2 Open Source/Commerce). Have solid knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Symfony 4+. Database expertise in MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server.

I have an experience in supporting Python (Django) and Go Lang applications. Have a task to create and optimize deployment scripts for Magento 2 using Atlassian Bamboo and AWS CodeDeploy and build Magento 2 infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.

I am creating e-commerce solutions from scratch (both on Magento 1 and 2) and maintain existing store solutions, such as payment integrations, clients/orders export/import, improving existing service integrations and core/3rd party extensions, such as Visual Merchandiser, Bluefoot, aheadWords modules etc, marketing platform integrations (Zaius, Nosto, Google Tag Manager).

Also I have experience in developing solutions such as vendor portals/services (using Silex/Symfony) and collecting source data with CSV or Shopify and perform a data export into Magento or RetailOps; services to collect and analyze data from RICS; for optimizing warehouse workload; for updating products and categories for RetailOps/Magento; extending order processing with RetailOps.