JSON in Unity 2018.3

When you involved in game development with web-backend, the important question is how to send data to a client. My hobby is a game development for many years. But now I have a regular job and game development for me it is learning new approaches, new technologies etc. I chose for my current project Unity - C# for game engine & Go for backend.

Unity has "out of the box" support for JSON serializer/deserializer (by the way you can use XML serialization with C#) and it's really useful stuff for using with backend web-server. Your JSON-data can be nested, for ex.:

And how these structures looks at Unity side:

And parse this JSON-data:

So, as you can see, looks simple for implementation and traffic economy. And another thing about traffic, I suggest to use GZIP on backend side. It sounds weird but Unity Editor can't use GZIP and you need to implement own GZIP uncompressing. That's funny because for Android or iOS it's not needed.