Expense Tracker

Recently, I’ve had a problem that I’ve previously solved with the Financius application that records the costs for each item. But the author renamed it, and now it doesn’t ship the necessary functionality.

So, what’s the problem, you would ask, as there is Google Keep to address this sort of things. That's a good question. This way, I will have to calculate the balance and keep track of the addition date, which is not very convenient. So, why can’t I write my own telegram bot?

I choose to write a bot with the Go programming language as it already has a package with the Telegram API. After some doubts, I decided on MySQL database, though I would rather use SQLite as one doesn’t have to maintain a MySQL server.

I have developed a bot in just a few hours. The only issue I had was to ensure that the bot is up and running 24/7 as anything may happen to a Digital Ocean-based instance. I’ve come across some documentation on systemd—it’s used by Ubuntu, the operating system of my instance—and wrote a service file of 5 rows. And voila, everything works as it should!

I have no particular plans for further development of the bot. For me, its functionality is enough.