What is this plane?

You happen sometimes to lift up your head for observing an aircraft and want to know about it:

  • what is this ?
  • where is it flying from?
  • what is its place of destination etc.?

If you ever had such questions popping up in your head from time to time, you definitely are reading the right post!

When Telegram released its own API for creating bots, I’ve decided to make an experiment with them. As a result, I have created a bot which could send me the information about the nearest airplanes from my location right to my Telegram messenger. Guess what? It appeared to be pretty useful!

To cut the story short, I’ve used Vincenty’s formula to calculate the distance between my location and the nearest airplane. You would not see this information as it is publicly denied and could only be reviewed in FlightRadar24 website or its analogs. What I did was reversing FlightRadar24’s web requests and reproduced them in my NodeJS app.