You need to be more responsible for your code!

Sometimes, I investigate at my work some crap. Sure, it’s my usual task. But, guys, it’s e-commerce, not your blogs or landing pages etc! You need to be more responsible for your code!

So, one day, client’s store which is based on Magento got performance critically down. Surprisingly, but the performance is slown down at backend only, not frontend side. Anyway, his manager team can’t work with orders, customers etc.

How can it be fixed? I disabled almost all extensions which pressure by requests MySQL DB, collected queries statistics, checked latest changed files, but nothing!

Thanks to Magento developers for in-built Profiler. I use it and get clear results – performance is down by external requests to the 3rd party server from extension. And why? Just requests for checking a license! Really?

Sure, this license server doesn’t work – maybe these guys were closed or something else. Anyway, client’s server is trying to retrieve answer from broken server and therefore performance was slow down.